Town Clerk/Collector:

ALANA SIEGEL is originally from Los Angeles, CA, though nearly all of her extended family lives on the East coast. Growing up in LA, she always craved a life steeped in the shift of seasons, so after graduating high school, she attended Bard College in the Hudson Valley, earning her BA in Language and Literature.

Post-college, Alana has worked as a copyeditor, typist, and administrative assistant for various publishing presses and writers. She is a writer herself, and when living in Northern California, was deeply involved in communal efforts, creating a free school for public education, organizing conferences where poets across the US and Europe converged in Oakland, and participated in poetry readings and theatrical productions.

Fast forward to the present: by luck or grace, she discovered New Kingston two and a half years ago, and falls more in love with the valley and the surrounding area every day. She is a member of the New Kingston Valley Association, and a new member of the Historical Society of Middletown. In addition, along with Annie Pevear, Alexandra Martin, and the support and encouragement of the New Kingston community, she brought the Whoop de doo celebration back to life in 2022.

Alana is seeking to campaign for the position of Middletown Town Clerk because she wants to continue to be of service to a community she feels very grateful for, building deeper roots and lasting connections, and is intent upon learning all there is to know in such a position. Her organizational skills, typing and archival acumen, attention to detail, as well as her flexibility with communication and eagerness to help others, present her as a worthy candidate.

Alana is the current Deputy Town Clerk, and will be training with the present Town Clerk, Patty Kelly, until the end of the year when Patty will be stepping down.