Town Council:

CHRISTIENNE DOBSON  is a dedicated and passionate individual who is running for Meredith Town Council. With a passion for our rural community, she is committed to addressing our pressing concerns, particularly supporting families and caregivers, the improvement of our roads, and preserving our great natural resources. By leveraging partnerships, exploring funding opportunities, and promoting responsible financial management, she aims to make a tangible difference.

Accessing Federal Funds:
Christienne is determined to secure federal funds to support our community’s growth and development while managing resources efficiently. Drawing inspiration from successful strategies in other towns, she will work tirelessly to ensure Meredith gets its fair share of resources, enhancing our infrastructure and services.

Guidelines for a Sustainable Future:
Christienne recognizes the importance of responsible land use, including guidelines for solar and cannabis farms. She will study best practices from towns across the country, working with stakeholders to develop policies that balance economic opportunities with environmental preservation and community values.

Supporting Families and Caregivers:
Christienne is deeply committed to finding innovative ways to support families and caregivers in Meredith. She will research successful programs from other communities and champion policies to provide them with the assistance and resources they need.

With a collaborative and inclusive approach, Christienne Dobson will work to make Meredith a thriving and well-supported community. Join her in building a brighter future for Meredith.

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