Town Supervisor:

GLEN FAULKNER was raised and has spent his entire adult life as a resident of the New Kingston Valley. He represents the 3rd generation of the Faulkner family in the valley and is also a descendant of the Sanford family which spans earlier generations in the community.

Glen graduated high-school from Margaretville Central School and received an Electrical Engineering degree from SUNY Morrisville.

Glen started his career working for the locally owned and operated cable television company Margaretville Tel-Viz during high-school and during summers while attending college. After college, he accepted a position at Time Warner Cable in Saugerties where he advanced to a position of Plant Manager for that division. In 1996, Glen accepted a cable television manager position at the Margaretville Telephone Company where in 2007, he was promoted to General Manager. Most recently, with the transition of the Company to a majority employee-owned company in 2018, he assumed his current position of President and CEO.

During his career, Glen has gained extensive experience working in a highly regulated industry, interacting with federal / state / local agencies and representatives, workforce management, and interacting with the public.

Glen currently serves on the board of the Mark Project (term expires 6/30/23) and New York State Telecommunications Association (NYSTA) and has previously served as an elected Commissioner of the Middletown-Hardenburgh Fire District (Margaretville) and as Delaware County Chamber President. Glen has served on numerous committees and supports a variety of community organizations.

Glen married his wife Elaine in 1991 and they have raised three children. Brian Faulkner, of Edgewater FL, Erica Hoerz of Middleburgh NY, and Calli Hoffman (and granddaughter Niki) of Spruce Pine, NC.

Enjoys all things outdoors — nature, hiking, tending trails, forest management, cutting firewood, and basically anything which involves his tractor. Glen enjoys socializing, meeting and welcoming new community members. Is a licensed firework pyrotechnician.

Perceived Personal Strengths and Attributes: Building mutually beneficial business relationships, objective thinker, visionary, passionate about community building, “can-do” working attitude, problem solving, caring, and trustworthy.

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