Superintendent of Highways:

JOHN BIRUK is the current Middletown Superintendent of Highways. He is a lifelong resident of the Town of Middletown, and employee for the Highway department for 29 years.

Reasons For Re-Electing John Biruk:

  • 13 years as Superintendent of Highways.
  • 10 years as Deputy Superintendent of Highways.
  • 6 years as Heavy Equipment Operator.

“I remain dedicated to provide safe roads year-round.

In my tenure I have developed a successful road resurfacing program of 20 – 25 miles per year of our already paved roads.

Utilizing new state funding we have been able to pave 2 – 5 miles of our dirt roads annually for the past 13 years, we only have 12 miles of dirt roads remaining.

I have maintained timely winter plowing and sanding operations.

I have kept up the removal of all the dying trees on an annual basis along our town roads to keep the roads safe and clear of falling branches along with brush removal and roadside mowing for clear site distances.
I have worked successfully with FEMA for reimbursements of repaired roads from multiple flood disasters in past years.

I look forward to continue serving as your Town of Middletown Highway Superintendent.”

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