Sidney Council Member Candidate:
Kevin Greene

Q: Why are you running for the position?

My goal is to help the Town of Sidney function efficiently and openly and to respond actively to the concerns of our residents. I’m 43 years old—a fair amount younger than the current members of our board – and a progressive, independent thinker. I’m also a husband, father and full-time Sidney resident for the past 19 years. In my time here, I have managed local businesses, maintained municipal buildings and had the privilege of interacting with scores of residents from different walks of life. I have an affinity for listening to, working with and helping people. I also have extensive experience with online communication.

Q: What are your top three priorities as council member?

• Hold regular office hours open to the public.

A lot of other municipalities’ board members hold regular office hours for the public. Currently, this is not the case in Sidney. Aside from being open to the public, there’s an endless amount of tasks and planning to be done. I will make myself readily available for appointments as well as the most important thing: getting the job done.

• Update the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

This past summer I was chosen to be on a Town Committee to update the Comprehensive Plan. Most folks don’t know how important this document is and how much it affects the town’s zoning and planning. Considering the current Plan is over 20 years old and arguably none of its objectives were realized, I think it’s time for an update, with careful attention given to preserving and enhancing our quality of life.

• Work with the Sidney Chamber of Commerce and Four Towns Forward to help the businesses of Sidney thrive and to make the town an attractive place for new businesses to open.

We’re very blessed in Sidney to have an active Chamber of Commerce whose head and members are really trying hard to promote business, organize community gatherings, foster a healthy community spirit, and in general vitalize the Village and Town. Currently, the Town Board has no liaison or active participation with them. I will be that person.

Q: How do you propose to contain spiraling budgets and spending?

At this time, I don’t see Sidney in a situation of overspending. Obviously, I’m going to be looking to curb inefficiencies, especially regarding energy costs. My main focus, however, will be on increasing revenue. Costs and budgets are increasing. There’s only so much we can do about that part. The town officials have done a pretty good job over the years of what I would consider an ‘inside the box’ approach to fiscal responsibility. What is lacking, and what I will concentrate on, is increasing the tax base by bringing in new residents, businesses and industry.

Q: Why should voters vote for you?

People should vote for me if they’re looking for someone who’s going to put in the time and energy to work for them and the town. Leadership is not just about maintaining order, but having a vision and a plan, preparing the road ahead, and bringing people along that road.


The Reporter published a candidate Q&A in advance of the election and/or early voting to better inform voters about candidates desire to hold office and their reasons for running. The DCDC made sure Kevin Greene, like all our candidates, received the questions. Kevin provided these answers.

Unfortunately, the Reporter’s staff was unable to contact the Republican candidate(s) for this office. The Reporter felt that without the other candidate’s responses, it would be unfair to run only one candidate’s responses.

The DCDC feels it is important for the Democratic voters in Sidney to have an opportunity to see Kevin Greene’s answers.

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