It’s what Democrats do. Read more for voting hours in your town. Check back for details and updates.

Another reason your vote counts: School election turnout is seen by Albany as an indicator of community support for our schools.

(Gray indicates unconfirmed information based on previous years:)

Andes Central School: 2pm-8pm
Charlotte Valley Central School: Noon-8pm
Delaware Academy and Central School: Noon-8pm
Deposit: 1pm-8pm
Downsville: 2pm-8pm
Franklin: Noon-8pm
Hancock: 2pm-8pm
Margaretville: 2pm-8pm*
Roxbury: 3pm-9pm
Sidney: 7am-8pm
South Kortright: Noon-8pm
Stamford: Noon-8pm
Walton: Noon-9pm

* MDC recommends voting for the proposed MCS budget, and for MCS Board member incumbents Mark Osterweil and Matt Steen.

Absentee Ballot!

If you won’t be here on May 21, 2024, you can apply for an absentee ballot… but don’t wait. May 21 is coming fast. Click below to download an application.

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