May 12, 2023

New York State Democratic Committee Holds Spring Business Meeting in Albany

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the New York State Democratic Committee met in Albany, New York to conduct their Spring Business Meeting. 54 of the 62 counties were represented at this meeting with over 200 attendees from across the State. On the preceding day, the Democratic Rural Conference, the Progressive Caucus, and the Young Democrats convened and conducted caucus business.

At the meeting, the State Committee approved the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Presidential Primary. The Plan calls for an April 2nd, 2024 Presidential Primary, subject to legislative approval.

The State Committee voted upon the following resolutions.

Approved Resolutions:

    1. The State Committee approved by acclamation a Resolution calling upon the State Legislature to look into legislation that would improve ballot access by modifying petition requirements. See here.
    2. The State Committee approved by acclamation a Resolution calling for an LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Curriculum for New York schools. See here.
    3. At the recommendation of Chairman Jacobs who agreed with the drafters, the State Committee approved by acclamation a Resolution calling for increased transparency at State Committee Meetings: posting of attendance records and voting records. See here.Chairman Jay S. Jacobs made the motions for the following two (2) Resolutions that were supported by acclamation by the State Committee after the membership postponed action on other resolutions:
    4. A Resolution on Housing and Tenant Protections. See here.
    5. A Resolution on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support. See here.

Governor Hochul said, “I would like to thank Chair Jacobs, the New York Democratic Party leadership, and all of our State Committee members who convened in Albany over the past two days and work tremendously hard to elect Democrats across our state. Our committee members are a diverse coalition of Democrats from all 62 counties and are dedicated to growing and strengthening our Party. That starts with successfully organizing ahead of our local elections in 2023 and laying the groundwork to deliver success for Democrats across our state and nation in 2024.”

Chairman Jay S. Jacobs said, “When Democrats work together, we deliver real progress. I am proud that committee members from across the State came together to forge a consensus on these important issues. I remain committed to working with our Governor and Democratic Leadership in Albany to continue electing Democrats who elevate our shared vision for a better, more affordable and safe New York.”

State Committee postponed action on:

  • A Resolution to Support the Passage of the Budget Equity Act
  • A Resolution to Support the Passage of Good Cause Eviction Protections
  • A Resolution Calling for the Amendment of the Mental Hygiene Law Regarding the Proximity of Addiction Programs and Community Engagement by the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)
  • A Resolution Commending the Work of the Ethics Committee and Calling for a Review of Ethics Committee
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