On December 22, 2021, Governor Hochul signed the following four election related bills into law:

  • Chapter 727 Creates a statewide online absentee ballot tracking system. Effective 4/1/2022 (A4186B/S6395A).
  • Chapter 746 Establishes an electronic absentee ballot application and transmittal system through which voters may apply for and submit an absentee ballot application online. Effective 4/1/2022 (A6970-A/S6482-B).
  • Chapter 763 Timeline for Canvassing of Absentee, Military, Special, and Affidavit Ballots. Effective 4/1/2022 except 9-209(7)(h) shall be effective 1/1/2023 (A7931/S1027A).
  • Chapter 781 Enacts the “Making Voting Easy Act”, increasing early voting sites and hours. Effective 4/1/2022 (A5424A/S4306B).

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