At the November 8 General Election, New Yorkers will vote in a public environmental bond act referendum for the first time in over 25 years.


This is an Adirondack Explorer article from 2021. It explains that Cuomo administration put this bond proposition together but didn’t move forward with it due to the pandemic. It’s a good first intro to the proposition.

This Rockefeller Institute of Government is long (a bit wonky) about all the NYS environmental acts, including this one. It’s a good read but if you want to cut to the chase, scroll to the big blue writing, “It has been 26 years…” then to the 2nd paragraph which starts with Hochul.

This article from the Riverkeeper gives a nice overview and definitely says to vote YES on this proposition.

This story on CBS News shows how New York is trying to get the word out to voters. It does a good job of listing just what the money is supposed to accomplish.

This is probably the least wonky article by Vote Yes for Clean Water & Jobs, a broad coalition of groups supporting the proposition. It provides members with clear talking points.

Important to know: This is a 30 year bond.

NYS just has this one proposition. NYC will have 3 additional propositions on their ballot — downstaters will see 4 propositions, this being one of them.

SPECIAL THANKS TO LINDA CASWELL for doing the research and providing the links and introductory text.

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