Your Signature Makes it happen.

Are you registered Dem voter in Delaware County? Your signature helps put our local Dem candidates get on the ballot this November:

  • Antonio Delgado for NY19
  • Eric Ball for NYS Senate 44,
  • Matthew Mackey for NYS Assembly 101
  • Nicholas Chase for NYS Assembly 102,
  • Andrew Van Buren for Delaware County Judge
  • Kathleen Hayek, Kim Van Atta
  • Kathy Mario, Tom Schimmerling
    for NY State Democratic Committee

Here’s How:

  • Contact to arrange for a “drive by” petition meet up or
  • Drop by DCDC HQ
    98 Main Street, Delhi NY
    Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am-2pm.
  • Don’t wait!
    March 27 is the due date!