Town Supervisor

My name is Quinn Kelley and I’m running for Delhi’s Town Supervisor position. I’m running to fight for:

  • Transparency. The Board of Supervisors should make an effort to communicate clearly and openly with residents, and value their input and feedback.
  • Support for EMS. Emergency services in Delaware County are overwhelmed with calls. The Board of Supervisors should establish a paid emergency force, allowing EMS to bill insurance for services.
  • Green Energy. Delhi and Delaware County at large deserve a transition away from fossil fuels. There are dozens of grants available for energy transition, but the current Board of Supervisors isn’t interested in applying.
  • Economic Growth. Maintaining and expanding sidewalks, bike trails, and hiking trials will support local health and community engagement. Welcoming our residents and visitors from NYC supports tourism, in turn supporting local business.
  • Youth Engagement. Supporting youth programs is more than giving our kids something to do. Youth programs promote positive development and teach children to become caring and involved citizens.

About Quinn. Quinn grew up in Delhi and he’s committed to keeping Delhi a safe, vibrant, welcoming community for all.
Quinn’s goals as supervisor include: supporting economic growth, local health, and community engagement; leading Delhi and Delaware County in transitioning away from fossil fuels; supporting emergency services; and engaging with youth.


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