Marc’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week


Let’s recap what happened last week.

1. Marc voted for the sham, destructive impeachment (H.Res 863) of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, and lost. (In this case, the outcome was good for our country.)

2. Marc voted for a cynical Israel aid bill (H.R. 7218) that put Ukraine aid in jeopardy, and lost. We say “cynical” because it was an emergency appropriations bill that required a two-thirds House vote which Speaker Johnson knew would be an impossibility given Democratic opposition. Immediately after the failed vote, and true to form, Molinaro gaslighted the Dems. So much for building bipartisanship.

3. Marc watched the strongest border bill in history, endorsed by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (the people who actually enforce the border and whom he proudly visited and took pics with) — go up in flames in the U.S. Senate. This is because his MAGA overlords are too scared of Trump and voted against the bill per his wishes…even if they wanted the provisions in the first place.

Marc’s clearly on the losing side. But he has a chance for a bipartisan win coming up. The U.S. Senate just passed a $95 billion national security bill that provides aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, which is reported to also have bipartisan support in the House. But Putin-puppet Trump does not want this bill passed. So, Marc and the 430 other Representatives will not get to vote on this bill unless Speaker Johnson overcomes his fear of Trump and the MAGA crazies yanking the Speakership out of his grasp if he brings it to the House floor. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has stated he would disregard the NATO treaty binding the United States and its allies.

Let’s send our unrepresentative an unvalentine!

CALL Congressman Marc Molinaro
(202) 225-5441 DC Office

Suggested script (make it your own!):

“My name is _________ and I’m from [town]. Rep. Molinaro may have the opportunity to demonstrate his call for bipartisanship solutions. I understand the U.S. Senate has the bipartisan support needed to pass a $95 billion national security bill that provides aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. It’s been reported that the House has bipartisan support as well, but Speaker Johnson refuses to bring the bill to the floor. Will Rep. Molinaro put pressure on the Speaker to represent the will of the American public by providing this much needed aid?

“I also urge Rep. Molinaro to publicly condemn the remarks of Donald Trump who stated at a rally last week that he would disregard the U.S. treaty with our NATO allies. If Rep. Molinaro chooses not to, I demand an explanation as to why he continues to yield to a bully who clearly serves as an agent of Vladimir Putin.”


These can be very important. If published, send to Marc Molinaro or a neighboring supportive House members (like Pat Ryan). These become evidence (sometimes presented on the House floor) that constituents back home are watching:

Mountain Eagle
Walton Reporter:


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