…When you come enjoy and parade, meet some of our candidates and be sure to stop by Delaware County Dem Headquarters.

We’re collecting petition signatures from registered Democrat voters from all over Delaware County to help get our local Democratic candidates on the ballot this November:

    • Antonio Delgado for NY19
    • Eric Ball for NYS Senate 44,
    • Matthew Mackey for NYS Assembly 101
    • Nicholas Chase for NYS Assembly 102,
    • Andrew Van Buren for Delaware County Judge
    • Kathleen Hayek, Kim Van Atta
    • Kathy Mario, Tom Schimmerling
      for NY State Democratic Committee

Planning to come? GREAT. If you let us know in advance, it helps us.

    Can’t Make the Parade?

    • Contact info@dcnydems.org to arrange for a “drive by” petition meet up OR…
    • Drop by DCDC HQ on 98 Main Street in Delhi on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am-2pm. Meet friendly Dems who can help with petition signing, answering questions about our district and local Dem candidates OR…
    • Come to our Meet the Candidate Event in Delhi on March 26, BUT…

    DON’T WAIT! March 26 is our petition due date!

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