NEW YORK, NY – On Friday, Lee Zeldin once again put New Yorkers in danger by voting against common sense gun safety legislation that would ban some of the most deadly assault-style firearms and high-capacity magazines. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 with Republicans including Buffalo representative and Zeldin’s colleague, Chris Jacobs, voting yes.

Rep. Chris Jacobs said assault weapons “have been proven to cause an immense amount of damage quickly,” and, “we have a duty to provide for the safety of all Americans. These weapons do not belong in our communities.”

Two weeks before the Buffalo shooting, Zeldin said New York State should repeal red flag laws and that people should “have a right to stand [their] ground.” Throughout his career, Zeldin has opposed gun safety measures including the expansion of criminal background checks, closing dangerous loopholes, and cracking down on illegal guns in our neighborhoods.

“Once again, Lee Zeldin has proven that he would rather cower to the gun lobby than protect New Yorkers from gun violence,” said NYS Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs. “Countless tragedies including Buffalo and Uvalde have been carried out using these military-style assault weapons, and Lee Zeldin’s extreme pro-NRA agenda will continue to put more lives in danger.”

Contact: Press@nydems.org

NOTE: Lee Zelden is the Republican candidate opposing incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul for NY Governor. The election is on November 8.

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